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The AF Yoga team

The story

In 2020, when everything stopped, we suddenly had to face a break in our life, a time when we had to relearn how to be bored, to be alone, especially to take care of ourselves and reinvent.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

What do we want to do with our lives? Do what we are passionate about! Fred wants to make a living from her photos and videos, Adeline wants to do yoga and teach it, so we decide to join forces to launch AF Yoga. The adventure begins and we create innovative and original yoga classes that we film in unique and beautiful places.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our vision: to make people travel through our videos and photos, so that the lessons are as enjoyable to do as they are to watch.

L'équipe AF Yoga | Cours de yoga en ligne

About AF Yoga

L'équipe AF Yoga | Cours de yoga en ligne

AF Yoga is a company based in Montreux, Switzerland, created by people passionate about yoga, wellness, beautiful images and travel. Through this platform, we welcome you to our world!


At AF Yoga we create courses that are as enjoyable to practice as they are to watch. Each video represents an adventure that we have lived and we want to make you live it with us.


You will find many courses with different styles, some very dynamic, others slower and more relaxing. Specific themes such as balance, strength, flexibility, self-awareness or focus on particular postures.


You can choose from the library according to your wishes, but also the time you have available. Classes are made for everyone who wants to be active, feel good and relax.


Are you ready to join the adventure?

L'équipe AF Yoga | Adeline la prof de yoga

Adeline Frossard

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Teacher of Yoga, climbing, skiing, Body Art, but also passionate about mountains, nature, Adeline is the one who rolls on the screen. Her Vinyasa Yoga training and years of teaching have allowed her to build a style all of her own, combining movement, balance, strength and relaxation.

L'équipe AF Yoga | Fred le photographe

Fred vaudroz

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Professional photographer and videographer, specialized in the art of movement and portraits, Fred is the artist of AF Yoga! He is the one who creates all the images and videos, but also the one who has the ideas of incredible places to go and make our videos. It is his eye and his vision that make our content unique and beautiful.

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